Bulawayo man catches daughter in bed with next door chap

A man from Matshobana in Bulawayo was arrested after he severely beat his daughter and.

Bristish opposition party MP calls for Zimbabwean President travel ban

A British parliamentarian has called on the international community to suspend re-engagement with Zimbabwe and.

Hooker spoils Tuku’s orderly funeral prosess

A self-confessed hooker, who was among mourners, distracted people by the way she expressed her.

Harare man caught by wife buying knickers for hooker, hell breaks loose

A Marriage of four years is on the rocks because the husband failed to buy his wife underwear. But he could buy for his small house.

Fight erupts as wife finds hubby sleeping in a shabeen queen’s bedroom

For two days Senzeni Munsaka had sleepless nights, worried about her husband’s whereabouts not knowing he was locked up at a house just a stone throw away.

A national police detail shows his true feelings as situation unfolds

Z.R.Police detail binning the portrait of former President of Zimbabwe