Son arrested for torching father’s prayer regalia

When a prophet told him that his father was behind his life’s misfortunes Abednico Ntete (20) failed to control his temper and rushed to his rural home where he burnt his supposed father’s goblins and church regalia.

Little did he know he was inviting trouble for himself as his actions got him arrested. Abednico burnt Mufandoka Ntete’s church regalia and prayer paraphernalia after being told that he was “bewitching” him.

He was arrested and appeared before Zvishavane magistrate Shepherd Mjanja facing charges of malicious damage to property.

He pleaded guilty to the charges citing that he burnt his father’s church regalia and his other prayer tools after he was told that he was the one behind his suffering in life.

“I am a domestic worker in Zvishavane and I decided to burn my father’s church regalia when my aunt prophesied that he was the one responsible for my bad luck,” he said.

The court heard that on 24 October, the accused sent his father a message telling him that he was sending the “holy ghost fire” to burn his goblins.

After a few days, Abednico, who worked in Zvishavane, arrived home unannounced and approached his father demanding answers on why he was unsuccessful in life.

When the old man was still trying to make sense of what he was saying, Abednico went into the house and took his apostolic church garments, clay pots, walking rod and bottles with sea water and burnt them.

He claimed he was burning the goblins.

The burnt property was valued at $30 and the presiding magistrate fined him $50 (or 30 days in prison). He was also ordered to compensate the complainant before 29 December.