Daring ‘small house’ visits married boyfriend after midnight every night

A cheeky small house is reportedly on a mission to destroy a 20-year-old marriage.

Roseline Nkomo of Mpopoma suburb in Bulawayo has become a nuisance to Ruth Jimu who is customarily married to Kefas Zulu. Of late Nkomo has been making regular midnight visits to Jimu’s marital home accompanying Zulu.

When she gets there she demands groceries and money from Jimu who in most cases would be already in bed.
“My husband’s girlfriend at times comes to my home in the middle of the night forcibly demanding food and money.

Of course my husband told me about their affair, but I’m not comfortable with her coming to my place as she has tortured me enough with her actions,” said Jimu.

Nkomo said she goes to the house only to make sure Zulu is home safe.

“Zulu comes to my place everyday and I always make it a point that I take him to his wife’s place to sleep,” she said.
It also came out that Nkomo has a child with Zulu, hence the reason for demanding money and food from her.

Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order and the respondent was banned from going to the applicant’s home or communicating with her in anyway and disturbing her peace.

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