Gokwe people shocked as baboon sits on bench eating sadza and stew

A baboon left villagers in Gokwe astonished after it was found in a family kitchen hut seated on a bench eating sadza with beef stew.

It was interrupted by a 13-year-old boy who had just returned from herding cattle. Shocked by what he had seen, he screamed and alerted villagers in Nembudziya’s Chirape area. The area’s headman, Pellegia Makore confirmed the incident.

“I received the report of a baboon that was found seated in a kitchen hut feasting. It was seen by a child who then called neighbours as elders of the family were not around,” said Headman Makore.

However, he said when the family was confronted over the matter, they dismissed the report and seemed to have ordered their son not to discuss the issue with anyone.

“The village head of the area, Matavire told me about the incident, but said the family is dismissing the report though the child remains adamant that he saw the baboon in the kitchen and there are witnesses as well,” he said.

Headman Makore said he had since tasked Matavire to get to the bottom of the matter. A reliable source told B-Metro that the frightened boy alerted neighbours after he found the baboon in the kitchen seated on the bench.

“He came home around 5pm and upon entering the kitchen to get his food, he found the baboon seated on the bench. Frightened by this, he alerted the neighbours and in no time, people were all over the place.

“I was one of the first people to arrive and I saw it with my own eyes, the baboon was eating sadza from a plate,” said the source.

He said the baboon later jumped through the window and headed for the bush where it disappeared after being pelted by the astonished villagers.

“I doubt if the child knew anything about the baboon, that is why he was so frightened.

It seems the family has got something to hide following the way they are handling the issue and have instructed the child not to discuss the baboon story with anyone,” he said.

The villagers have reportedly been left with a lot of unanswered questions.

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