Bounty Lisa exclusive interview with Hmetro

…Jah Love was abusive …I don’t do drugs

She has endured a painful relationship with her husband Soul Jah and says she feels safe after parting ways with the shameless wife basher.

H-Metro’s Latwell Nyangu (LN) had an exclusive with Bounty Lisa (BL) who bared her soul on her musical career, love life and ambitions. Read on…

LN: How is Soul Jah Love doing?

BL: I haven’t spoken to him in a while now.

LN: And have you moved on to someone else?

BL: Nope, I’m still single.

LN: How is it like being single, are you searching?

BL: I’m not searching dakumboita zvebasa.

LN: Are you sure you are not even talking or seeing each other?

BL: Not even, we are not seeing or talking to each other since the break-up.

LN: Are there any chances of re-engagement?

BL: I don’t think so.

LN: But tell us, at what stage did you meet Jah Love?

BL: We met at Chillspot Records when he had come to record and I was also there to record. Music made us meet.

LN: It is said Soul Jah Love helped you to be on the limelight, is that true?

BL: At some point yes.

LN: Given a chance will you want to be part of his life?

BL: Not anymore. 

LN: It is said you have been abused several times but you just kept it under the roof?

BL: He is a very difficult person to understand.

LN: How supportive has he been?

BL: He used personal feelings which I can call selfish reasons like jealousy, to say you can’t do a collabo with a guy because he is a selfish guy which was not good with me just to cut the story short.

LN: Who is the real Bounty Lisa?

BL: Bounty Lisa is Lynette Paida Musenyi born and bred in Mbare, Harare.

I come from Masvingo, Musenyi Village. I am the second born in a family of three. My siblings are Jefferson and Sparta.

LN: What’s your real character?

BL: I don’t think anyone knows my real character because I am like two different people outdoor and indoor.

Bounty Lisa is for business and Lynette is real life.

People judge Bounty Lisa as someone who does drugs and all dirty stuff maybe because of the voice I use when I am at work but that’s not the voice I use to talk.

I am a chilled, understanding, lovely person but only to those who are close to me.

LN: Tell us about your new projects?

BL: I have released a singles collection for 2019 called Queen of Helmet that has 10 tracks and five bonus tracks.

Helmet is a name for real dancehall music kinda different from Zimdancehall.

LN: Worst and best moments in life? 

BL: My worst moments are when I’m not with my family, my best moments are when I am with my friends and family.

LN: Any awards or recognition?

BL: No awards yet but have been nominated for best female in previous years.

LN: And on your new project, how are you going to market it?

BL: For marketing my new project, I am going to do videos for the singles and I have been doing radio launches.

LN: When did you actually start singing?

BL: I started recording in 2013 but before, when I was growing up I was part of Mbira group called Pachena Mbira Group where I was the lead vocalist and dancer.

I also could play mbira and hosho and I still do those things for fun now.

LN: What type of music do you sing, and why not gospel?

BL: I can do all types of music as an artiste. Like I said I can also play mbira but I enjoy dancehall more than anything, I grew up listening to that kinda music and got inspired and the vibe runs through my veins I love it.LN: And up to now how many albums or singles have you released?

BL: I have released one album in 2016 called Kunzwanana and a lot of singles and my 1st Singles Collection called Queen Of Helmet I just released for 2019.

LN: Does your family support you?

BL: My family supports me 100 percent my brother Jefferson is my Dj and my little sis Sparta is my backing vocalist then mom and dad have been supporting since day one and they are my biggest fans. 

LN: How often do you hold shows?

BL: I can just say what I was doing for the past years had lots of confusion due to personal issues but 2019 I am looking to work hard and do more shows.

LN: Where were you born and bred?

BL: Was born in Matapi flats, Mbare, Harare.

LN: What inspired you to sing the type of music you sing?

BL: I grew up listening to dancehall music. I love all dancehall artistes but was inspired by Bounty Killer from Jamaica.

LN: Are you as controversial as they say?

BL: I am not even controversial that’s what people think and that’s how they judge me because some stories they say about me it’s all fake and gossip.

LN: It is said some of your music haiterereke paradio?

BL: It’s because I do real dancehall and you know how it is, I don’t really do songs with social messages.

LN: How have you survived the challenges faced by women in this industry?

BL: It’s everywhere that women don’t get recognised in anything they do like men do. But working hard can make you achieve your goals.

LN: Do you think music is where your heart is?

BL: Yes’ music is my life.

LN: Do you think you are the best female dancehall artist?

BL: Yes am the baddest female dancehall artist. I know am the best dancehall chanter ever.

LN: And your relationship with Boss Sakina, who is she to you? 

BL: Boss Sakina is now like my sister ever since we recorded our collabo we have been great together at work and at home.

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