Gutu women demonstrate against brewing of Kachasu that weakens their men in bed

If Hollywood directors were to come to Zimbabwe to pick comic stories to make movies, they would definitely make a perfect movie out of the following tale of some married women from Makore Village in Gutu who reportedly staged a demonstration against kachasu brewing in the area, claiming the illicit brew was behind the dwindling bedroom performance of their husbands.

The story was reportedly a bombshell as sex-starved women allegedly besieged the homestead of a man only indentified as Fambi and who was well known in the area for brewing the illicit and dangerous brew also known as tototo.

They were reportedly saying their husbands were failing to perform their conjugal roles because of the illicit brew he was selling to them. So bad was the situation that the protesting women claimed only a handful of newly married women got knocked up by their husbands. In the ensuing melee, they were also baying for the kachasu brew master (Fambi)’s blood.

Although, Chief Makore whose jurisdiction the area falls under, could not be reached for comment a source from the area who spoke to B-Metro and claimed to have intimate details of the incident said excessive drinking of the illicit brew, was causing men to become “useless” in bed and that subsequently courted the anger of their wives.

The source said the women were also complaining that the high levels of tototo consumption was not only worsening bedroom performances but was also causing men to abandon their families.

“Fambi had to run for his dear life after a group of women stormed his homestead claiming their husbands were sexually starving them because of kachasu which he was selling to them. They blamed him for the dwindling bedroom performance of their husbands.

“Fambi has been earning a living by manufacturing the illicit brew which he would sell to villagers for between $1 and $2,” said the source who preferred not to be named.

The source further said the enraged women later approached Chief Makore begging him to take action against Fambi for brewing the illegal liquor which they blamed for the dismal performance of their men between the sheets.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe kachasu or tototo is prohibited and it is criminalised by the Harmful Liquids Act as it is dangerous to both humans and animals.

Police are also on record warning people to desist from brewing and drinking kachasu whose ingredients sometimes include ammonium nitrate (fertiliser) and sugar as well as other unspecified additives.

Stories of demonstrations by women after husbands failed to rise to the occasion in their bedroom responsibilities have been reported online in the past two years in Kenya‘s Limuru area, Kiambu County and South Africa.

The women said the trend was worsened by high levels of alcohol consumption which saw many men abandon their families. In South Africa, women in Kwazulu Natal, Dumazulu ward were last year reported to have said their drunkard husbands were unable to make them pregnant and they may look elsewhere for sober and potent bed mates.
They said according to online reports, their men had abandoned their homes because of drinking too much alcohol.
The women spoke during a protest in KwaZulu Natal where they said younger women were the worst affected as younger men were “unproductive”.

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