A prophet uses juju to con a family struggling with nuissance goblin in their homstead

Prophet got away with two cows after instilling fear in a family from Jibajiba in Lupane that had hired him to exorcise a goblin that allegedly terrorised them.

To get the cows, Prophet Sithole told them he would instruct the goblin to kill the family after he astonishingly failed to get rid of it.

“He didn’t kill the goblin, but later demanded payment and when we refused he said he would tell the goblin to kill us. Fearing for our lives we gave him two cows,” said the family head Margaret Moyo (74).

They have since reported the matter to the police and the prophet disappeared without a trace. Moyo initially linked up with the prophet when she had chest pains.

“I was not feeling well so I decided to consult Prophet Sithole who told me I was not going to be okay because there was a goblin at my homestead and it had to be killed,” she said.

Job granted, the prophet told her to invite all her family members. There were 10 of them at the cleansing ceremony where they saw many surprises.

“Prophet Sithole ordered all of us to get inside the hut as he moved around the homestead trying to trap the goblin,” she said.
When they were inside the hut, a voice called each of them by name and affirmed its existence, declaring that it had been staying with them since 1991 after its original owner dumped it.

“To our surprise, we heard the voice of a man in the room accusing us of attempting to kill him. Before we figured out what was happening, we got beaten up. We were badly hurt because it was pelting us with stones,” she added.

They screamed for help but the prophet was nowhere to be seen, all the while other relatives were shouting at Moyo for inviting them to such a dangerous ceremony.

“The goblin declared that it was destroying the hut and that we would all die, so we ran out for our dear lives before the hut collapsed,” she added.

Moyo confirmed seeing a funny creature during the melee. “It looked like a baboon,” she said.

Conveniently, the prophet reappeared and told them he had failed to kill the goblin. The only way out was for the family to apologise to it, which they did, without a ritual.

Since the day in question, the family has not seen or heard funny movements and they are now wondering if there was indeed a goblin at their homestead or if Prophet Sithole played tricks on them.

The prophet’s services cost the family $750 in cattle and has created serious divisions between family members.

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