Prophet destroys congregant’s prosperous marriage

Prophet Samuel Chagaga who leads Mount Olives Ministries is accused of wrecking a congregant’s marriage of 11 years.

According to a close source Prophet Chagaga is accused of wrecking the marriage of Waterfalls based couple Tendai Mujuru, 33, and Constance Njikizana, 27, after he advised Constance to ditch her husband for another man only identified as Heath.

Prophet Chagaga was jittery when contacted for comment begging this publication not to publish the story.

“Please do not write this story. Anyway I will talk to your superiors so that the story is not published,” Prophet Chagaga said.

Constance said she had moved out of the house because her husband Mujuru was the one who had initially started cheating.

“I have been faithful all along, but Mujuru betrayed my trust.

“I have been seeing messages from his girlfriends but I was ignoring them because I loved him.

“I caught him red handed bonking an elderly woman who is the same age with my mother,” she said.

Constance added that she was not in love with Heath but messages in possession of this publication between Constance and Heath are testimony of a love affair.

“I am single and hundred percent single, I am not married and everyone should know that,” she said contrary to her chats.

She said Mujuru had infected her with three different STIs but she had tried to hold on to her marriage until she moved out.

“He infected me with three different types of STIs and we were treated at a local clinic.

“As you know STIs in men easily show as compared to women, he is so cunning he sought for medication and never told me

“Due to the STIs I spent two years bleeding and it just stopped in August even if you ask Mujuru he will tell you the truth,” she said.

Constance also accused Mujuru of being violent and described him as irresponsible.

“He could spend a week without coming home squandering money with girlfriends.

“Mujuru was not buying food for the family and even clothes for his children.

“Ini chaiye bra kana brugwa rekupfeka ndototengerwa naamai vangu iye haatengi my kids know kuti gogo will buy clothes for them.”

She said she initially moved away from their bedroom to join the children in their bedroom as a way of punishing him.

“I moved out of our bedroom because I wanted to make him realise his mistakes.

“There was no sign of change so I then moved away to a new house giving him space to enjoy with his girlfriends.

“Initially I had asked for one month space but with his actions I am thinking not to go back.

“Plans to reunite with him were there but vanhu vake ndovava kuita ndisadzokerane naye but vachanyara tadzokerana,” she narrated her ordeal.

Prophet Chagaga later said Constance was only a congregant who was like a daughter to him and he had not made any attempt to break her marriage.

“Can we meet in person, I need to see you so that we talk about it in person.

“Constance is my daughter but what I know is vakanetsana it’s not true that I have banned Mujuru from my church, zvingaitawo here munhu waMwari.”

Mujuru confirmed that he cheated on his wife before but had rectified the issue.

“It’s true that my wife caught me cheating (red handed) with another woman.

“I still want my wife and children at home because we need to raise the children together to avoid psychological effects to our children.

“I wish they come back and enjoy our time together,” he said.

Prophet Chagaga is said to have taken Mujuru’s four plate stove when the former’s relationship with his wife was shaking.

“Do not publish that story,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Heath went futile as he was not responding to WhatsApp messages even after reading them.
A close sourse said Constance’s mother had blessed the new union.

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