Harare woman vomits ‘bond note’ during the new year eve prayer

Congregants at a church in Highfield were reportedly shocked after a woman vomited a two dollar bond note in church.

The incident occurred on New Year’s Eve at prophet Ephias Jengeta’s church service dubbed destruction night. Sources told H-Metro that the woman was prayed for resulting in manifestation that led to the vomiting.

“It happened on December 31 when the prophet was burning papers. Everyone was asked to write his or her problems on a piece of paper.

“Candles were lit and when her paper was being burnt she began wriggling resulting in her vomiting and the money came out,” said a source.

Prophet Jengeta recently grabbed headlined with the selling of nail which reportedly had healing powers. It is said when the nails were being hit against the wall, congregants would manifest.

Speaking to H-Metro, prophet Jengeta said several things happened on the day and people need to be in the spirit to understand some of the things.

“There are many things that happen in church and they need spiritual eyes and brains to understand. Several people rush to criticize but they do not understand the context of these things.

“It happened and the woman vomited and that what some only saw but do not understand the context of the incident.

“It was destruction night, meaning we were destroying the destroyer. The woman had challenges and I cannot reveal what it was but the vomiting was a sign of her deliverance,” he said.

Speaking on the reported candles, prophet Jengeta said the represented the fire of the Holy Ghost.

“People would write their troubles on the paper and the candles representing the fire of the Holy Ghost would burn them. They would have another paper which had their resolutions which we anointed. Like I said it needs one to be in the spirit to understand these things,” he said.