Goblins at Chegato primary school now molesting male teachers

Chegato Primary School in Mberengwa is apparently now a theatre of action-packed dramas!

Hot on the heels of startling reports a few weeks ago by female teachers at the school that they were being sexually harassed by one of the male teachers through mubobobo and goblins which were taking turns to routinely sleep with them, other shocking details have emerged.

It is reported that after a cleansing ceremony was conducted to get rid of the goblins which were molesting female teachers resulting in the women waking up the next morning with fluids like semen dripping from their privates; the cheeky mystical creatures have now shifted their attention.

The goblins are now unleashing a reign of terror on male teachers allegedly molesting them and squeezing hard their balls in their sleep. So cheeky are the goblins that they also aggressively squeeze their testicles each time they want to be intimate with their wives.

“We are now going through a hard time with these menacing creatures. Hardly a few weeks after a cleansing ceremony was conducted at the school, the goblins have now directed their menace on male teachers by squeezing their testicles when they are asleep.

“The torture is usually felt when one wants to have sex with his wife as the creatures aggressively squeeze the balls to an extent that you will not do so,” said one of the affected male teachers who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Chief Potsai Mposi whose jurisdiction the school falls under confirmed the incident. He said they were compiling a report to be used by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to investigate the matter.

“Yes, it’s true that some male teachers approached me saying they are also being affected by the goblins. This was after we had invited a traditional healer to cleanse the school after some female teachers complained that they were being sexually molested in their sleep.

“I can’t say much since we are still compiling a report detailing events of what is happening at the school so that we can send it to the ministry (Primary and Secondary Education),” he said.

During the cleansing ceremony, the inyanga alleged that the headmaster Edson Zhou was the one who was using mubobobo on female teachers and possessed goblins. Midlands provincial education director Mrs Agnes Gudo last week confirmed that they were carrying out investigations.

“We are still investigating the matter and we hope to conclude it soon. There have been allegations of witchcraft but we are waiting for a traditional leader in the area to give us a full report from the community.

“Procedurally and as a matter of policy if teachers and local communities are no longer comfortable to work with a teacher or headmaster we usually transfer him or her,” she said.


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