Bulawayo man deploys wife to dump cheeky girl friend

Milton Sibanda from Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb is one scheming lover. He employed the services of his wife to officially dump his small house Taona Mabuku.

The wife, Shalina Dube was more than happy to give Mabuku the marching orders. As part of the package, Dube beat up the heartbroken and defenceless Mabuku.

“I was in love with Milton Sibanda for 12 months and he did not tell me that he was married. All I knew is that he had three children and had divorced in 2013,” said Mabuku appearing before Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube.

What shocked her is that Sibanda even took her to meet his family and she did the same, until surprises announced themselves.

“We introduced each other to our relatives in preparation for marriage. In August he didn’t communicate with me for two days. When I phoned, he promised to return my call,” she said.

When he finally called it was cold.

“When he phoned he said I should talk to someone who happened to be his wife. The woman told me she was his wife and he had asked her to tell me that our relationship was over,” said Mabuku.

With more questions than answers, she sought to speak to Sibanda on grounds that he owed her $15. Still, she was told to deal with Dube. They  arranged to meet and when they did, Dube spit on Mabuku’s face before calling her names and she had to run for dear life.

A few weeks later, the couple invited Mabuku to their home to solve the issue. Sensing danger she didn’t go.

Thereafter, since the plan had gone wrong, Dube in the company of her husband went to Mabuku’s workplace and attacked her.

“I have a serious problem with this couple as they have teamed up against me and Shalina Dube comes to beat me up when I am at work,” she said.

She didn’t oppose the allegations and the order was granted in which Dube was banned from communicating and physically abusing the Mabukus.

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