Bulawayo man claims to be a god as he dismisses Jesus and the second coming

Prophets out-do each other claiming all sorts of miracles to gain a following but one man has pulled the big card and claimed to be God.
Yes, God.

At the age of 27 Given Dube is addressed as “God” by his followers at Umuzi ka Nkulunkulu  (House of god) Church in Pumula South. According to his congregants who spoke separately, the Holy Spirit descended on him.

“If I give you a cup full of Coca-Cola, will you say I gave you a cup or you simply say you have been given a coke?

Dube is god because god’s spirit is in him,” said one of the staunch followers, Wellington Siwela. His claims have been challenged by some who have attended his church in the past because he lacks finesse.

“What kind of god insults his people? Go and see for yourself,” said one of the former worshippers.

When B-Metro sat for an interview with the alleged god, he was laid back and spoke with confidence. He alternated between being the human being Given saying “I”  but in other instances he would say “we” as if representing a movement, and he said it was because he was god’s host, and as a result one with him hence the use of the plural “we”.

“I am being used by a spirit which I cannot even see. I only saw it in a vision once when it first appeared to me in 2008 when I was in Chipinge for National Youth Service training.

“Since then, god speaks to me and I hear his voice and that spirit uses me. For people to believe me I write everything down and that is the holy book referred to as Uluju Lwezulu,” he said.

He punctuates the conversation with constant claims of him being god who created heaven and earth and has power over all creation. As if that is not enough, even in their holy book (seen by B-Metro)  it is indicated that it was written by god himself and it guides them in their daily lives.

“I am god and do not need anyone to explain my word. I have written this book and it guides people in their daily lives.

“When Jesus came to earth, not all people listened to him and he was even killed. Now I have come, some have listened and I will guide them,” said the soft spoken Dube.

When asked whether he could prophesy, he plainly stated that as god, everything was always planned by him and all he just did was command and things happen.

“I am the god and I plan. I just command and it happens. You also have to understand that I don’t expect everyone to see me as their god, but they first have to accept the word and understand, so only church members recognise me as their god,” he said.

The other issue which has caused much controversy at Umuzi kaNkulunkulu Church is Dube’s sexual orientation and whether he will ever marry.

“There are some people who misquoted me after asking whether as god I will ever get married. My answer to the man was ‘Kukhululekile ukuthi thina singenza amacansi’ (Is it okay for us to have sex). He literally took it that it was directed at him while in actual fact whenever I talk I say “we” as in me and god.

“I later explained to the man and he understood, but those on the mission of disturbing my works misquoted me and started throwing insults at me saying I am crazy and not god.

“I just ignore them because I realised they were throwing their insults directing them at Given Dube,” he said.

On marriage, Dube made it clear that it was not for human beings to understand, but only known by the holy spirit. Dube grew up in Bulawayo’s Nketa suburb and is a former member of Guta Ra Mwari. He launched his church Umuzi kaNkulunkulu in 2008 and his parents also moved from their church to join him.

He claims to have other church branches in South Africa and the United States of America. Dube made it clear that he was not a prophet, but god who created heaven and earth who even today commands different things to happen.

“I command, I can stop diseases and wars in the world or even command them to happen. This is a different belief from Christians who are still waiting for the coming of Jesus, I am already here,” he declared.

Dube, unlike pastors and prophets, says he does not have bodyguards and emphasises that Jesus’ chance came and passed as he returned to Heaven, but it is now god himself talking to his people.

Dube revealed that he was not the first god as there were some who were once used by the spirit, the first one being the founder of Guta RaJehova, then after her death, the founder of Guta RaMwari and after his death it was now him, the founder of Umuzi kaNkulunkulu.

It is said that when the chosen person dies, the spirit picks a new host and when congregants do not believe it is the spirit’s choice, it always leads god to open a new branch where he will have those who obey his word.