Newly married couple at logger heads as AIDS surfaces

Six months after their marriage, a woman from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb will live to curse the day she got married after discovering that her husband kept his status a secret and infected her with HIV.

Despite being cautious, the woman (25) who went for HIV tests before getting married was disappointed to discover that her husband had intentionally infected her.

Unfortunately, she never pushed for the man to get tested as well, but just took his word as Bible truth only to get the shock of her life a few months later.

It is reported that the two who had been in a relationship for a couple of months, got married in October 2017 and before tying the knot, the woman did her HIV/AIDS tests and the results were negative.

The two, who had always used protection, started having unprotected sex after marriage and in March 2018, the wife went for tests again and tested negative. The husband was reportedly reluctant saying he was negative and promised to go for tests some other time.

After testing negative, the woman had no reason to doubt her husband’s status and they continued with unprotected sexual intercourse. Sometime in April when she was cleaning in the house, she came across her husband’s clinic card showing that he was on ART.

When she confronted him, he disputed her claims and a misunderstanding arose between the two.
Eager to get to the bottom of the matter, the woman took the card and proceeded to Nketa clinic where she explained her problem and it was confirmed that the man was on ART.

When she went for HIV/AIDS tests, the results came out positive forcing her to report the matter to police. The presiding magistrate remanded the matter to 30 May

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