Supernaturally enpowered goblin doll kills a renowned wizard

IF what is happening is anything to go by, then the dolls deserve an award for suddenly becoming man’s best friend, satisfying them sexually and being used to fight wars!

Besides the sex doll craze, there is a family in Lupane which reportedly sent a doll with supernatural powers to fight its wars. Without wasting time, it used its supernatural powers to identify the person who had a hand in their child’s death resulting in him passing away as well.

The doll issue has left Tshakabhana villagers wordless as they never thought dolls could be used to perform such acts.

When the Mpala family performed a ritual after their grandson’s death, no one took them seriously until the day when one of the villagers passed away.

A reliable source said: “The grandson Ngqabutho Matshazi (9) drowned at a dam and his father revealed that he had consulted prophets who told him that his son had been bewitched.

“They performed a ritual after his death where they dressed a doll with the clothes he drowned wearing and tied it to the gate saying whoever had killed him would also die.

“Within a month, headman Silaye Luphahla passed away and it was concluded that he could have been the one behind the child’s death.”

Simangaliphi Mpala, maternal grandmother of Ngqabutho confirmed the reports revealing that the deceased boy’s father is the one who did a ritual and tied the doll at her gate.

“I used to stay with Ngqabutho and after his death we informed his father who came and attended the funeral.

“He then told us that there was more to his son’s death and said he was going to use the doll to revenge. There was no way I could have stopped him as it was going to appear as if I had something to hide.

“He said the person responsible was going to insult me over the doll then pass away and that is exactly what happened with headman Luphahla,” said Mpala.

Luphahla’s family also complained to the chief saying she should be chased out of the village, but since they had no concrete reasons, the matter was dismissed.

A Luphahla family member declined comment saying they could not talk on behalf of a dead person.