Top ranking politician fails to raise money for paternity tests as maintenance wrangle rages on

An interim order which was passed in a maintenance wrangle pitting a top politician and his alleged mistress in which he was disputing the paternity of a seven-year-old child is now a final order after the politician allegedly failed to raise money to go for paternity tests.

According to an interim order passed by Bulawayo magistrate by Sheunesu Matova on 3 August last year, Zanu-PF chairman for Matabeleland North Province Richard Moyo was ordered to contribute $60 per month towards the upkeep of a child pending the outcome of the paternity results. DNA  tests cost $300.

This was after his ex-lover Nancy Finnity from Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo maintained that he was the biological father of the child. In addition Moyo was also ordered to bear costs for undergoing paternity tests which were supposed to be conducted within six months of granting the order, failure of which the interim would become a final order.

“Respondent (Richard Moyo) shall ensure that paternity tests are conducted within six months of granting this order, failure of which the interim shall become final,” reads part of the ruling.

A sight of the record by B-Metro nine months after the ruling indicated that Moyo had not yet instituted proceedings to go for the paternity tests leading the interim order to become final.

The paternity dispute started after Finnity made sensational revelations that she allegedly enjoyed “hot” unprotected sex sessions with Moyo on countless times until she fell pregnant.

Finnity said she engaged in unprotected sex with Moyo at the expense of her boyfriend who she was sternly ordering to use protection each time they had sex. Finnity who was demanding a monthly maintenance of $205 from Moyo maintained that the latter was the father of her child saying even if they went for DNA tests the results would not exonerate him.

“The child is his even if we go for paternity tests we will get the results showing that he is the biological father of the child. It is not correct that I told him last year (2015). I even approached him in 2011 and during that time we had a discussion where he said we should keep the issue of the child a secret and he was going to support him.

“During our relationship we were engaging in a string of sexual intercourse without protection and on several occasions, while I was also having sexual intercourse with my boyfriend using protection. That is why I am so sure that the child is his,” she said.

When asked by the presiding magistrate if he was denying the paternity of the child, Moyo said:

“I am not the father of the child. This is so because if you are having a relationship with a woman and if she gets pregnant she is supposed to tell you and the applicant did not tell me of any pregnancy during the subsistence of our relationship. She only tells me about the child when he is now seven years old”.

His denial however, led the magistrate to grant an interim order in which he ordered Moyo to pay $60 per month as an interim maintenance pending the outcome of the paternity results.