Mayhem as Bulawayo family discovers a dead Kudu by their doorstep

A family from Bulawayo’s North end suburb are in a dilemma after they woke up to find a dead “visitor” by their doorstep in the form of a kudu.

The residents and family at the centre of controversy are struggling to come to terms with the incident. The house owner Seretina Madhovhi said, “This is a mystery. I don’t understand how a kudu got to be at my place.

“I am really afraid and a kudu is a very big animal which you can only expect to find in a jungle, not in town. To make it even more suspicious, why and how did it get to my house which is in the midst of other houses?”

She revealed that her domestic worker is the one who alerted her that there was an animal by their doorstep.

“It was around 6.30 am when the dog started barking continuously and my helper then went outside to check on what was happening.

“She rushed back to say there was a strange thing outside,” said Madhovi.

They alerted neighbours, but none of them had the courage to move closer and verify.

“We were all afraid of moving closer to the strange animal. It was after a courageous taxi driver       moved closer and identified that it was a bhalabhala (kudu.

“People then gathered courage to move closer and we discovered that it was dead and bleeding from the mouth. I then rushed to report the matter to police,” she said.

Moreblessing Mafukikwa , the domestic helper who was visibly in shock said she could still see the kudu’s footprints. This means it came alive.

“The prints of the kudu are still visible, but it remains a mystery how it died.

“It was just bleeding from the mouth and it’s so scary,” she said.

A resident who spoke on condition of anonymity suspects it was an act of witchcraft.

“We are Africans and when such incidents happen, we have no choice but to link it to supernatural powers.

“Some are of the opinion it was running away from somewhere and the puzzling question is, from where?”

The police reportedly took the dead kudu and handed it over to the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.