Domboshava woman fixes cheating husband by sending pictures of herself kissing another man

A Domboshava woman sent pictures of herself kissing a married lover to her husband to spite him for cheating.


Grace Ngulube, 23, of Domboshava Training Centre had ‘kodak moments’ in maize fields with a married lover Michael Tembo and sent them to her husband Kudzai Tigere. Grace, a mother of one, confirmed sending the photographs to her husband in retaliation.


“I left Kudzai in Domboshava to stay with my relative in Sunningdale after sending photographs of me and my boyfriend kissing; I wanted to hurt his feelings,” said Grace.


“My husband does not know that there are men out there who love me and I sent the photographs to him in retaliation to what he did to me.


“I discovered nude photographs of my husband with another woman in his mobile phone and this affected me that I decided to accept love from our neighbour’s relative who was proposing to me daily.


“I did not think of downloading the photographs of my husband with another woman because they were so dirty and provoking.


“If he is the one who took the photographs of me and my boyfriend it means he felt the pain but please do not publish them.


“Mike is not my boyfriend ndakangomudira kufinhura chete,” said Grace.


Kudzai said Grace was caught several times having sex with Mike in maize fields and she sent the photos to his mobile phone after it came to light.


“I love my wife and I live well with my neighbours but Mike, who dumped his family in Mutare to come and stay with one of my neighbours, has wrecked my marriage,” said Kudzai.


“My neighbours caught my wife several times having sex with Mike in maize fields during the day but I did not believe their words at first.


“It was after I confronted my wife last week that she got angry and admitted cheating and went on to send her photographs kissing Mike to my phone.


“It’s very embarrassing, her claims that she discovered my nude photographs with another woman are falsehoods meant to defend her evil actions hanzi vanga vasingabve muchibage vachionekwa netwuvana twechikoro.


“There are no such nude photographs and if they are there let her give you the photographs to prove her words; andishora mukadzi wangu,” said Kudzai.


Mike could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.