Binga woman gives birth to a baboon-like creature – Nurses burn it soon after delivery

A 23-yr-old woman from Binga left nursing staff and villagers at Sinansengwe Health Care in shock after giving birth to a “baboon-like” baby. Veronica Dube of Chitete village, Sinansengwe Area under Chief Sinansengwe went into labour on Monday evening following her normal nine-month term of pregnancy.

She is a mother of a five-year-old child to her husband, a polygamist, who was only identified as Mutale. Her aunt, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Dube was in her normal due term this month although the pregnancy didn’t seem normal.

“If I then say we expected an abnormal creature, I would be lying but the thing that was inside her did not kick inside her belly only until the last month. The kicks however, were still very light but we assumed the child was just lazy.

“On Monday, Dube told us she was in labour, and we then escorted her to the clinic as we live 14 kilometres away from the clinic,” said the aunt.

She said, a few metres before they arrived at the clinic, Dube got into labour and they noted an unusual looking thing coming out of her.

“We wrapped her up and rushed her into the clinic where nurses on duty took care of her. With one of her husband’s relatives, we witnessed that an abnormal thing which looked exactly like a baboon was born. It was all hairy and indeed had a tail. It looked dead and the nurses quickly burnt it,” said the aunt.

Dube bled a lot and was only discharged in the late hours of Tuesday. Chief Sinansengwe said he had never witnessed such an incident in his entire life and it was a scary and shocking matter.

“Right now families are in squabbles and have actually spent the entire day dragging the yet not fully recovered Dube to traditional healers to find out how and why this happened.

“When my ward councillor and I visited the family today (Wednesday) no one was found at their homes and they are saying they are hunting for the truth. They believe it’s witchcraft or a curse,” said the Chief.

Her husband is with her throughout the trying times.

“The husband seems to understand and he’s sympathising with his wife although the elders are not,” said the Chief.
Matabeleland North Provincial Medical Director Nyasha Masuka said it was not unusual to have a child born with congenital abnormalities.

Dr Masuka said such abnormalities might be caused by chromosomal defects or nutritional deficiencies that impinged on the development of certain organs in the foetus. He also said there were chances the child could have been pre-term because pre-term babies tend to look that way.

“For someone without much knowledge, they would match the baby or foetus to a baboon but that’s not an unusual case.

“The second condition could be foetal alcohol syndrome. In this case, if the mother was taking a lot of alcohol during her pregnancy, she is bound to deliver such a baby,” he said.

Dr Masuka said alcohol was the leading known preventable cause of developmental and physical birth defects. A woman who drinks alcohol during pregnancy, risks giving birth to a child with mental and physical deficiencies.