Published On: Tue, Sep 29th, 2015

Bulawayo street hookers making $2000 each month from silly men

Even in this harsh economic climate the prostitution business is thriving because of a series of factors, but chief among them being that even patrol police officers now assist the ladies of the night to stay away from dangerous clients.

Thanks to a May 2015 Constitutional Court ruling that outlawed the arrest of sex workers found loitering the streets “for purposes of prostitution”, prostitutes can practice as long as there were no men who would confirm being approached by the women for sex.

Such has been the rapid boom in business that one lady of the night, Lisa (her work name) from Bulawayo has managed to buy a Mecerdes Benz C class.

“Business is good,” she said showing off as she held her keys in a manner that gives off an aura of class.

Lisa stands by her car and says stalking the city’s pavements at night is now better than operating from nightclubs, which in the past have been the traditional hunting ground for ladies of the night.

 “It’s way better than being inside a club because there you compete for men’s attention with their beer and music.
You can be unlucky with a guy who will buy you beer and then forget about you when he leaves,” she said.
On the streets, the situation is less and it is all about ”give and go”. Lisa adds that having a car of her own is also an added advantage as it turns on men that love a go-getter.

“When you see a person slowing down to talk to us, chances are high he wants you. Better still, we will be sober and fresh compared to those inside the club. Look at me, I am pretty and at times I tell them that I will follow in my own car and that turns them on,” she added.

In some cases, she adds, there are some men that have even offered to marry her because of her sophistication.

“Some tend to fall in love or pretend to. On numerous occasions I have been proposed to by my older clients. They pay handsomely in a bid to keep me exclusive,” she added.

On a bad day, she rakes in $60 tax free money and she works everyday. If the math is correct then she takes home at least a cool $1 800.

“I only do the streets when I am in Bulawayo. But when there are big events or festivals even conferences in Victoria Falls or Harare, I drive there, book myself in a hotel and go for the big shots. My story is that I am a dealer specialising in African print dresses. I look the part in those circles because I wear those dresses — they give me that expensive and serious look. That makes those that want me, throw money at the problem,” she added.

Lisa however, knows that life on the street has an expiry date with the fresh and young the preference for most men.  Lisa, unlike many others, knows the economics of the street and is not willing to sale herself short just to give a client a quick thrill.

“When you are still young you make good money when you get old, just use contacts that you have built over years. The secret is, stay as healthy as possible, don’t be desperate for fast money, that is what kills. Prostitution also requires intelligence, when I stand by this corner I make more than what someone who is taken for a night at a club makes. Simple maths,” she said.

For this interview, Lisa was paid $20 because that is what she claims to be making for a short session. Since she had been diverted from her corner she better still make money out of it.

“For the information you are getting from me you are paying too little,” she said.

Maybe it is about time someone does a study about the business side of prostitution in Zimbabwe.