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Civil servants plotting job action activity

CIVIL servants yesterday warned government that a full-blown national strike was imminent if their employer.

Ex-Minister pushes for local currency

HARARE – Former deputy Finance minister Terence Mukupe, said without reintroducing local currency and having.

Gokwe people shocked as baboon sits on bench eating sadza and stew

A baboon left villagers in Gokwe astonished after it was found in a family kitchen.

Man killed soon after a daring kiss to girlfriend on News Year’s day

It was on New Year’s Day and spirits were high, but for a Mberengwa man.

Bounty Lisa exclusive interview with Hmetro

…Jah Love was abusive …I don’t do drugs She has endured a painful relationship with.

Mugabe’s Hong Kong villa sells at a loss

Hong Kong — A luxury villa previously occupied by the wife and daughter of Zimbabwe’s.

Zim man ridiculed for carrying baby on his back

First Lady Cde Auxillia Mnangagwa is looking for a couple who feature in a video.

Role reversal poisoning traditional marriage values

HARARE – Since time immemorial marriage has always obligated a woman to move into theman’s.

Zimbabwean masses on the edge of civil unrest

Mass protests proposed by the combined force of civil servants, labour unions and the opposition.

Nuisance snake dumped at Esigodini Police station

Police officers at Esigodini police station were left shell shocked when a man brought his.

Prominent Pastor undressed in public by two girlfriends

The other woman, who had a maroon top and black skirt, accused the church leader.

Newly married couple at logger heads as AIDS surfaces

Six months after their marriage, a woman from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb will live to curse.

Paternity wrangle exposes love triangle involving two close friends-cum-churchmates

IT’S the kind of thing that only happens in movies. While some men are busy.

Fake prophet bedding women in the guise of healing them

Women don’t know it’s happening but when it’s over they have no doubt what happened!.

Munangagwa has a total number of 18 known children

A publication based in the United Kingdom has added to the mystery around President Emmerson.